Welcome to my website.

I am a jewellery maker based in Slovakia.

My journey of becoming a jewellery maker was perhaps more of a winding road than a straight path although it was always clear that a purely pragmatic approach to life would never be sufficient for the creative Me. It started with dare I say primitive wire wrapping works some 20 years ago.

Gradually I learned more and more techniques and each time what I knew became insufficient and I craved to know more. It was during my years in the UK when I made the most progress and when I decided to ‘make it happen’. Years of online tutorials and books were followed by obtaining official jewellers (goldsmith’s) education. However I haven’t stopped learning – jewellery making is fortunately a field rich in techniques one can learn.

On this journey I became very fond of certain semiprecious stones which I prefer to use and also wear. Aquamarine, labradorite, goshenite, ocean jasper and moonstone are my favourite ones. Collecting stones has become one of my obsessions and I am now proud owner of my own little treasure chest with amazing handpicked stones.

I enjoy using the traditional goldsmithing/silversmithing techniques and I have great respect for the work of ancient goldsmiths who created amazing masterpieces.

In the past I used to paint but at one point the two dimensions of a canvas just wasn’t enough. Jewellery making is a whole new level of creativity in 3D. It requires skill, patience, humility, knowledge of materials and technical processes, creative thinking but also the ability to plan and combine the Creative with the Technical. It is very complex and that’s what makes it so intriguing: bringing ideas to life in shape of wearable sculpture by overcoming (or working with) the rules of physics.

Creating a personal wearable art through a long complex process merging the Idea with Materia is almost alchemical.

I hope you enjoy my galleries of both Jewellery and Paintings and feel free to follow me on Instagram or Facebook where I try to post semi-regular updates. 🙂


”Only in our creative acts do we step forth into the light and see ourselves whole and complete.”